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SEP alumni trends. Click to enlarge.

College and Career Readiness is Paramount for Lifelong Success

Southeast Polk’s vision is to prepare students for success for college, career, and civic life. Our endgame extends beyond making sure a student passes all of his or her classes or graduates. We measure our effectiveness as educators by how students succeed after graduation, whether through college, a training program, or another avenue. When we look at college and career readiness, we focus on three areas: academic preparedness . . . read more

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Students measure how far their skimmer can travel.

Spring Creek Students Learn STEM Concepts

On September 19, Brooke Schorg’s 6 th grade students chattered with excitement as they prepared to test out their skimmer cars. The student groups made their skimmers by using a base (cardstock cutout), two note cards for sails, a straw, tape, and a paperclip. The first goal was to come up with a sail design that would travel in a . . . read more

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Bullying Prevention Week Starts October 6

Two years ago, a group of students at Southeast Polk Junior High School presented a proposal to junior high teachers, administrators, county and elected officials, and local law enforcement, challenging them to begin our own chapter of Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying group that vows to continue the fight against bullying. . . . read more

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