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It's National Read to Your Child Day - Feb. 14

Where would you read to your child?

We asked students at Mitchellville Elementary this, "What would your like your parents to read to you? Where it would be? Who else would you invite?" If I could pick anywhere to read I would build a huge snow fort, then have my dad read me a snow book inside the fort. Oh yeah, I would bring a lamp! - Johnathon, kindergarten I . . .

Poetry Unit Special Guest

Mitchellville students learn via Skype

Mrs. Flynn and Mrs. Laird’s fifth grade class began their poetry unit with the help of a special guest. Poet Irene Latham visited with the class via Skype, and discussed what it’s like being a poet, where she gets her inspirations . . . read more

Chrome Books

Mitchellville students use new technology in classroom

The 24 students in Ms. Bodie's class logged on to their new Chrome Books for the first time on Thursday, August 29. Ms. Bodie and Title One Teacher Mrs. Laird have plans to seamlessly weave the new technology into the core . . . read more

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