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The 4th graders sell their bracelets.

Bracelets Mean Business

Mitchellville 4th graders learn about business by making friendship bracelets

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mitchellville Elementary students know that friendship comes in many forms, and they recently learned that a bracelet is one way to mark it. Ms. Sydney Bodie’s 4 th graders have been engaged in a business unit during the past two months, which culminated in a Sales Bazaar on Friday, April 3. The unit, BizWorld, teaches students about . . .

Looking to the Future

Mitchellville students present business plans and research projects

by Julie Eslick | March 1, 2015

Topics ranged from longhorn cattle to business strategy at Mitchellville Elementary’s math and reading fair on February 10. Mitchellville families were invited to the school to enjoy a spaghetti dinner followed by a student showcase. . . . read more

Birds and Bearcats and Narwhals -- Oh My!

Mitchellville 1st graders interview zookeeper Rick Schwartz

by Julie Eslick | February 1, 2015

When Rick Schwartz from the San Diego Zoo appeared on a screen in Mitchellville Elementary’s 1 st grade classroom, the students told him that they were learning about animals. “That’s cool,” Rick said. . . . read more

It's a Mystery!

Mitchellville 4th graders learn about states by Skyping

by Julie Eslick | January 1, 2015

Mitchellville Elementary 4 th graders have been traveling to other states without leaving their classroom. Impossible? Not quite! Ms. Sydney Bodie started doing Mystery Skypes last year, which was her first year as a teacher at Southeast . . . read more

Ice Cream and Literacy: Mitchellville 1st Graders Learn in a Fun Way

by Julie Eslick | December 1, 2014

November 7 wasn’t a hot day at Mitchellville Elementary, but that didn’t stop Ms. Amy Twohey’s 1 st graders from making homemade ice cream. The students gathered in the cafeteria where parent volunteers and Ms. Twohey . . . read more

Students Create and Collaborate in Mitchellville Writing Club

by Julie Eslick | November 1, 2014

Ms. Laurie Flynn’s 5 th graders at Mitchellville Elementary are channeling their creative and collaborative tendencies during Writing Club. Every day, Ms. Flynn starts start off Writing Club by giving the students a short lesson which . . . read more

Time Capsule: Mitchellville Elementary Uncovers the Past and Looks to the Present

by Julie Eslick

On September 30, the new Mitchellville Elementary opened its doors to the community for its first official open house. Guests toured the building, visited with teachers and students, reminisced about Mitchellville’s past, and excitedly . . . read more

New Mitchellville is a Work of Originality

by Julie Eslick Community Relations Coordinator | August 18, 2014

“We didn’t want a cookie-cutter building,” says Principal Joe Nelson on the first day of school. “We wanted an original. And we got an original.” From the natural light flooding through the vast windows to small . . . read more

Poetry Unit Special Guest

Mitchellville students learn via Skype

Mrs. Flynn and Mrs. Laird’s fifth grade class began their poetry unit with the help of a special guest. Poet Irene Latham visited with the class via Skype, and discussed what it’s like being a poet, where she gets her inspirations . . . read more

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