Southeast Polk Community School District COVID-19 Status Update

As a district, we are committed to providing transparent, accurate data regarding cases of COVID-19 related to the school environment while also maintaining the ongoing confidentiality of our students and staff. The data set forth below will be updated regularly and is for informational purposes only. 

Disclaimer: This information is based on reports to the District from other sources which have not been independently verified. 

Utilizing the September 23, 2020 *Information Sharing Guidelines for Schools from the Iowa Dept. of Education and the Iowa Dept. of Public Health.

As of January 22, 2021, 2:50 p.m.

  Southeast Polk Students Southeast Polk Staff 
Current Confirmed COVID-19 Positive Cases 26




Currently quarantining 114 Total

10 Close Contact at School


15 Total

0 Close Contact at School

Polk County COVID-19 Positivity Rate




Classroom Closures 0

 Absentee Rates

Absentee Rates
Building Students Staff
0-5% 5-10% >10% 0-5% 5-10% >10%
Altoona X  X
Centennial X X
Clay  X  X
Delaware X  X
Four Mile X  X
Mitchellville X X
Runnells X X
Willowbrook X X
Spring Creek X  X
Junior High X  X
High School X  X