Greetings from the Principal

I just want to let everyone know about our NEW safety policy when entering our building. We have just completed installing our second set of interior doors which will remain locked throughout the day. This will provide us an “extra” level of safety for our students and school personnel. Below is a description of the policy we will use for visitors to Delaware:

1. Push the entry /camera button located near the right hand main door. (This step hasn’t changed.)

2. Someone will ask you your name, your student’s name, and what you are needing. They will then let you in the main atrium.

3. Go to the window, sign in, and receive your visitor’s badge. Someone will then let you in the right hand inside door, if you are visiting or eating lunch with a student. We will not have you come into the main office unless you need to discuss something with the principal, the nurse, or one of our administrative assistants.

When dropping students off whether it’s in the morning or after an appointment, we would like you to say your goodbyes in the atrium and then let students walk down to class on their own.

If you are picking students up, please sign your student out at the window and we will call your student down to the office. You may sit in the main atrium, rather than sitting in the office, to wait on your child. Students will then come through the office and exit through the interior set of doors to meet you in the atrium.

If you have questions about our new policy, please call me at 262-3197 or email me at

This new set of locked doors will provide greater safety for students and staff here at Delaware. We thank you for supporting our new policy and helping us to keep your child(ren) safe!

Kevin Walker, Principal