Bullying & Violence Prevention

The Southeast Polk Community School District is committed to providing an atmosphere in which students feel safe from harassment and violence. While conflicts between students will arise from time to time, our faculty and administrators are highly trained to recognize and investigate allegations of harassment or bullying of students.

Olweus logoAll children in grades K through 8 participate in weekly OLEWEUS Bullying Prevention Sessions. During these weekly sessions teachers meet with their students to discuss bullying, harassment or other issues of concern to students.

Administrators in each Southeast Polk School Building also are trained in the Easton Bullying Investigation Safety Plan that helps administrators determine whether peer conflict has escalated to harassment or bullying and conduct a prompt and thorough investigation.

MVPMentors in Violence Prevention is another initiative serving students at Southeast Polk High School, a team of junior and senior leaders are trained to serve as leaders to lead lessons that teach students about violence and sexual assault prevention.

Parents concerned that their child may at risk from bullying or harassment should contact their school’s principal.




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