Human Growth and Development Instruction

In 1988, as a response to national concern about serious health issues in our society and their impact on school children, the Iowa State Legislature passed the Human Growth and Development Act which mandated school districts to develop K-12 Human Growth and Development curriculum. Iowa Code 279.5 requires all Iowa school districts to provide instruction in human growth and development. The law requires the following topics be addressed in some appropriate manner and that a representative committee in each district be responsible for recommending the extent and depth of each topic.

  • Personal Development
  • Human Sexuality
  • Sex Stereotypes and Abuse
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you have questions or would like to preview materials, contact the building principal. After review, if you decide you do not want your child to participate in the Human Growth and Development instruction, you may complete the Pupil Excused from Instruction Form and return it to the building principal.