Abuse of Students by School Employees

Legislation has specific guidelines pertaining to what will be considered acts of physical or sexual abuse by school employees, including inappropriate as well as intentional sexual behavior towards students. All such activities are clearly in violation of the policies of the Southeast Polk School District.

To ensure compliance, the Superintendent or his designee, 407 8th St SE, Altoona, Iowa (515) 967-4294, has been appointed as the district’s Level I investigator, with a designated Level II as his alternate. If the complaint is found to be without grounds, the Level I investigator can cause the complaint to be dropped. If legal action is required, or the incident comes under the auspices of the Department of Human Services, then the appropriate agency is notified. The investigator may also refer the case to the Level II investigator, as can another person if they disagree with the Level I findings.