No shot, No School

The Iowa Department of Public Health has made changes to the Iowa Immunization law for the start of the 2017-18 school year.  This change requires that all students entering 7th & 12th grade are required to have a Meningococcal vaccine before school starts this fall.

Meningococcal disease is a life-threatening illness that is caused by bacteria that infects the brain, blood, and spinal cord.  It easily spreads in crowded settings. All students advancing into 7th or 12th grade and born after September 15, 2004, will need 1 dose of the meningococcal vaccine on or after the age of 10.

All students going into the 7th and 12th grade must have proof of having the Meningococcal vaccines unless the student has a Certificate of Immunization Exemption. Your child may have already received the vaccines and simply needs to provide proof to the school.

There will be no grace/extension period for the implementation of this requirement. By law, if your 7th or 12th grader is not fully immunized for meningitis they could be kept out of school, as early as day one of classes.

To learn more please visit the Polk County Health Department website

Meningococcal Secondary School Vaccine Requirement Q&A