Four Mile Elementary fifth grade teacher, Kim Parker is heading up a service project that helps the homeless and helps to conserve our environment by recycling plastic bags. Parker kicked off the project at a school-wide assembly earlier this fall.  At the assembly, Jenny Koska, a representative from Metro Waste Authority, demonstrated to the students how much waste is brought into the facility and asked them to think about ways we could have a part in eliminating waste. Then, Parker explained one way to eliminate waste and help benefit others is through making 3 ft x 6 ft recycled bag mats for the homeless.

Parker obtained a grant from Metro Waste Authority in order to have a 26 in x 26 in loom made for each of the 19 classrooms. Additional grant money will be used to purchase a buddy bench made out of recycled plastic bags.  

Students are allowed to work on the weaving project once their work is completed and primarily during recess time.  These mats that students are creating provide a dry space for someone to rest on. Since the project started approximately 10-15 mats are ready to be delivered to the Central Iowa Homeless Shelter this holiday season.

Four Mile is holding another after school weaving session on Monday, November 27 from 4:00-6:00. Students will be assembling the mats during this time.