The Southeast Polk Education Foundation recently awarded $12,270 to SE Polk teachers and staff across the district as Innovation Grants for 2022.
“I am excited and inspired by all of the creative opportunities for learning that will be available to our students as a result of this year’s Southeast Polk Education Foundation Grants! Our district and the families who belong to it are very fortunate to have teachers who identify education enhancing opportunities and advocate for resources to make these ideas happen. Thank you to our educators and all who have supported the SEP Education Foundation!” -Brigid Ernst, SEPEF Grants Committee Member, SEP School Board Member
Congratulations to the following teachers and staff members:
  • Denise Gulling, Spring Creek Science Department: for the purpose of purchasing supplemental science materials to help enhance the core curriculum, $1,275
  • Tammy Steenhoek, Four Mile Elementary English Learning program; for the purpose of purchasing a bilingual book system for students to engage with their families at home for supplemental learning, $1,000
  • James Pifer, Teaching & Learning Resource Center; for the purpose of purchasing aquaponics supplies for systems located in various buildings in the district to further the STEM curriculum, $700
  • Stephen McCoy, High School Industrial Technology: for the purpose of purchasing a coolant pump kit for a Haas CNC Milling machine used in Metalworking courses, $1,295
  • Penny Watgen, Spring Creek TAG Program: for the purpose of purchasing materials to afford TAG students the chance to supplement units completed in the TAG program with dissections and coding, $3,500
  • Mardie Heithoff. Willowbrook; for the purpose of purchasing binoculars and field guides to expand their Bird Observation program used as part of the school’s science curriculum and to further students’ social emotional health, $1,000
  • Amy Oleson, Willowbrook Equity Team; for the purpose of creating a sensory path to help develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness, as well as provide students an indoor place for a brain break or to channel excess energy, $3,500
“I was pleased to see grant requests coming from various areas of the curriculum this year.  The Southeast Polk Education Foundation exists to support advancement in all areas of education, and our hope is that the impact of the approved grants will inspire others to submit innovative grant requests in 2023.”  – Brad Warren, SEPEF Grants Committee Member, SEPEF Treasurer
“I love to see the projects funded each year through the SE Polk Education Foundation, as a direct result of the generosity of our community businesses and donors. I think this year’s list of Innovation Grants is a great example of the diverse projects with focused learning objectives that we look forward to supporting to help further the educational excellence provided throughout the Southeast Polk School District.” -Misty Johnson, SEPEF Grants Committee Member, SEPEF Secretary