It’s that time of year again! Seniors are finishing their high school careers. So what’s next for them?

Throughout the day on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, Southeast Polk High School will be celebrating the national Decision Day movement for high school seniors. The purpose of Decision Day is to allow seniors the opportunity to publicly share their post-secondary path and plans. At Southeast Polk High School we concentrate Decision Day activities within Advisement and the counseling office. The Decision Day activities will involve events for both seniors and the high school staff.

Seniors–the counselors ask that each senior wear something to signify which college, university, military branch, apprenticeship program, and/or career path he/she plans to pursue after high school. We also ask that seniors stop into the counseling office during a free period, between classes, during lunch, or whenever it works to indicate on one of our maps which town/state they plan to attend college, receive training, and/or pursue employment. Seniors will also write their name on a banner, indicate their plans for after high school, and pinpoint where they plan to pursue these plans. We will also ask that seniors pick up a letter from an elementary student further encouraging them to pursue their post-secondary plans and goals. Seniors will also receive a cookie when they stop into the counseling office to participate in Decision Day events.

Staff–the counselors ask that you wear something on Decision Day to let your students know what college/university you attended. Please also stop into the counseling office during your lunch or throughout the day to pick up a cookie and share with us your alma mater. Please also feel free to discuss with your classes the value of planning and pursuing post-secondary goals.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm surrounding national Decision Day!¬†We’re excited to see where everyone will go!