We're committed to...

  • Being transparent in our fiscal management.
  • Remaining compliant with state and federal regulators and local grantors.
  • Being effective in our planning and strategic use of resources to address both short term and long term needs.
  • Continuing to analyze our business practices and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of those practices as the opportunities arise.

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The Southeast Polk Business Services Department recognizes its obligation to be fiscally responsible and exercise stewardship to be able to provide sufficient resources to provide effective instruction to our students.

Budget Planning and Certified Budget Process

The budgeting process is a fluid and flexible exercise that is monitored, analyzed and considered all year long. The formal budget certification process begins in the fall of each year with the official student enrollment count based on students in attendance on the first school day in October. Enrollment and cost per pupil are the two main factors that determine the budget authority provided to the school district for the entire fiscal year. Funding of the budget authority is based on the State Foundation Aid Formula.

Providing a quality educational program, living within district revenues and maintaining good financial health require constant monitoring throughout the year to ensure sound budget management. For these reasons, the budget process is ongoing. As conditions change throughout the year, the budget may need to be modified. An Iowa public school district’s budget certification process concludes each year on April 15, the last day to certify the district’s budget.

Proposed Tax Notices

The fiscal year 2025

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Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts
Staff Title Phone
Lisa Stewart Director of Accounting (515) 967-4294
Ashley Zimpfer Payroll Administrator (515) 967-4294
Cynthia Anderson Payroll Specialist (515) 967-4294
Denise Hiller Accounts Payable Specialist (515) 967-4294
Susan Mccuen Accounts Payable Specialist (515) 967-4294
Sandra Ely Benefits Specialist (515) 967-4294