We're committed to...

  • Providing a clean, healthy and safe learning environment for the district students, staff and community by maintaining all of the grounds and activity facilities.

From beautifully manicured lawns to finalizing construction plans on building expansions, the Southeast Polk Community School District Buildings & Grounds Department is responsible for providing a clean, healthy, and safe learning environment for the district students, staff and community.

The Buildings & Grounds staff maintain all of the district grounds and activity facilities. This department is also responsible for overseeing Capital Improvement and construction projects.


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Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts
Staff Title Phone
Jennifer Carter Administrative Assistant 515-957-3435
Randall Schippers Custodian 515-967-3771
Kevin Tew Custodian 515-967-2109
Dennis Woodley Custodian 515-967-4198
Stephen Sass Custodian 515-262-3197
Jacquelyn Purcell Custodian 515-265-1972
Mark Hollingsworth Custodian 515-966-2068
Lisa Bettin Custodian 515-967-7512
Ronald Robertson Custodian 515-967-5533
Raymond Modlin Custodian 515-967-5509
Joseph Sullivan Facilities Manager 515-967-6631
Warren Mcclelland Maintenance 515-957-3435
Neil Paddock Maintenance 515-957-3435
Joseph Sheeder Custodian 515-967-4274