The Southeast Polk Community School District provides differentiated programming for students who have been identified as possessing very high intellectual abilities. Screening tools include the Kingore Observation Inventory, Planned Experiences,  Cognitive Abilities Test and Iowa Assessments.

Each summer, student needs are formally reviewed through a district matrix for appropriate program placement. TAG students comprise about five to seven percent of the total student population district-wide.

Program Expectations

Expected outcomes of the program include developing students’ skills in the areas of collaboration, critical and creative thinking, research and self-directed learning while meeting their affective needs.

Our program offers students a greater latitude of inquiry and provides a wide variety of opportunities for exploration, investigation and specialization through seminars, special activities, outdoor field activities, independent study, discussion groups and product development.

Attention is directed toward meeting student social and emotional needs, particularly peer relations with time together for support.

The goals of district’s gifted education department are:

  • Expand opportunities for teacher/administrator professional development.
  • Increase student’s role in development and implications of Personalized Education Plan goals.
  • Review socio-economic, gender, ethnic, and English learner program participation.
  • Increase communication with classroom teachers.
  • Increase community involvement in learning for gifted students.
  • Increase the amount of differentiation and acceleration within general classrooms for gifted education students.
  • Arrange regularly scheduled district-wide activities for gifted education students.

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