Southeast Polk School District is committed to fostering academic excellence, leading students to success for college, career and civic life. The District creates curriculum and learning opportunities centered on the latest trends and theory in education. We work to set and meet high standards of academic achievement for our students.

    • Southeast Polk Schools offer unique educational opportunities like the Environmental Learning Center.
    • The District is a leader in the state in expanding STEM education opportunities at every grade level, K-12.
    • The District has partnered with local businesses to bring career-based learning opportunities to the classroom through Project Lead the Way.
    • Instructors across the District are engaged in professional development and leadership seminars to continually sharpen skills.
    • Coursework can be uniquely tailored for each student to help them reach their maximum potential.


Southeast Polk School District works to be a unifying force across the unique communities it serves. We know healthy schools thrive in healthy communities.  It is our responsibility to provide the communities we serve with an educated and engaged citizenry.

Southeast Polk Schools recognizes its obligation to be fiscally responsible

    • A 15% reduction to the school district’s tax rate for district property tax owners was achieved, reducing the property tax rate from $19.48 to $16.50 per thousand.
    • For seven of the last ten years, the District tax rate was lowered or stayed the same, while simultaneously growing to accommodate more students (built new high school and 2 elementary schools).
    • The District has demonstrated sustained and stable financial indicators.

The District has a unique role to play in helping our communities prosper

    • We emphasize service learning.
    • The District understands that good schools attract families and businesses alike.
    • Our school facilities are the hub of community activities, hosting meetings, family gatherings, and polling places.
    • When students from diverse communities join together in extracurricular activities, it similarly unites their families.
    • Each of the communities served by Southeast Polk Schools includes the District in its long-range city planning.


The Southeast Polk School District works to assure the safety and welfare of our students, staff and the public.

We have a strong curriculum that addresses bullying and violence prevention

    • Administration and teachers have completed bullying and violence prevention training.
    • Southeast Polk Schools leverage the Student Behavior Code and district policies that encourage positive behavior and allow for enforcement of rules.
    • The District has various clubs and organizations that promote positive relationships in schools and work toward awareness of bullying behaviors.
    • We encourage students and parents to report threats against them. We will vigorously investigate all threats.