We're committed to...

  • Providing an atmosphere in which students feel safe from harassment and violence.
  • Collaborating with students, families, staff members and the community to achieve the goal of a positive educational experience for life-long success.

All students, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, have the ability to grow socially, emotionally and academically. The Southeast Polk Counseling Program assists students as they learn and practice important skills in order to meet life’s challenges.

All Southeast Polk counselors are:

  • Professionals with a…
    • Master’s degree in school counseling
    • License from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners
  • Professionals who…
    • Demonstrate knowledge and skills
    • Provide a critical link to student success

Counseling programs are delivered by:

  • CURRICULUM – Lessons designed for achievement of knowledge, attitude and skills in academic and career success and personal/social development
    • Classroom instruction
    • Outcome-based lessons
    • Interdisciplinary curriculum
    • Group activities
    • Family workshop
  • INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PLANNING – Helps personalize education for all students
    • Occupation information
    • Work-based learning opportunities
    • Academic goals
    • Comprehensive transition planning and support
    • Individual core curriculum plan
  • RESPONSIVE SERVICES – A plan that meets the immediate needs of students
    • Individual and small group counseling
    • Crisis counseling/response
    • Consultation
    • Referrals for students and families to community resources
    • Relationships and conflict management
  • SYSTEM SUPPORT – Activities that establish, maintain and enhance the Comprehensive School Counseling Program
    • Professional development
    • Consultation, collaboration and teaming
    • School improvement involvement
    • Data gathering and interpretation
    • Family involvement
    • Community outreach

SEP counseling facilitates student development in three broad domains:

  • Academic Development
    • Effective learning in school and throughout life
    • Academic preparation for post-secondary options
    • Relationships among academics, work, family and community life
  • Career Development
    • Investigate career options to make informed decisions
    • Strategize to achieve future career goals
    • Relationships among personal qualities, education, training and work
  • Social/Emotional Development
    • Interpersonal skills to respect self and others
    • Decision making, setting goals and taking action to achieve goals
    • Understanding everyday safety and survival skills as well as coping strategies

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