Program Goals

  • To develop awareness of how numbers are used to express relationships.
  • To improve basic math skills early for struggling students.
  • To build a better math foundation and develop faster math use to improve math understanding.
  • To help children reach their mathematics potential.
  • To foster a love of math and an ability to use math.

Held at elementary level

  • Three to five times weekly
  • 25-30 minute sessions
  • Title I Math classroom
  • In small groups or one-on-one with the Title I Math teacher

How is instruction provided?

  • Parents and teachers work together to develop an individualized goal plan for each child.
  • Specialized math instruction is provided through the cooperation of the classroom teacher and the Title I Math specialist. This is in addition to classroom instruction.
  • Supplemental math instruction with the Title I Math teachers may be one-to-one or in small groups.
  • Children are helped to learn math facts, practice math operations, solve math problems and communicate about mathematics. Teachers also help children understand math concepts and the enjoyment of using mathematics easily in daily life.

Who is eligible?Title I Math

  • Any student in grades K-5 who is struggling with number sense and math learning. If math problems are addressed when they first occur, children have a better chance to be successful in school.
  • The opportunity to be part of a Title I program is determined for each child based on information from many tools used by the Title I Math teacher. Included are math unit assessments and a child’s performance on several district measurements of math. Classroom teacher and parent recommendations are important to Title I placement.
  • Each student coming into the Title I program is tested at the beginning of the year to determine at what level he or she can do mathematics. Throughout the year, the student is assessed frequently to be sure Title I math is providing accelerated math learning.