A Community of Communities

The Southeast Polk Community School District is a community of diverse communities serving a wide area of rural, suburban and bedroom communities of Des Moines by preparing children for college, careers and civic life. Healthy schools thrive in healthy communities and communities thrive with healthy schools.

Our District enjoys the highest high school graduation rate in the metropolitan area. Our students far exceed state test scores in reading, science, and math. Two-thirds of our graduates pursue either two-year or four-year college education. Southeast Polk alumni and staff take an active role in supporting our diverse communities and local businesses. And our buildings serve as hubs for local activities — hosting meetings, recreational activities, family gatherings and more.

We’re also proud to provide a host of student athletic, performing arts and a variety of other activities that entertain, inform and instill community pride and spirit.

Our District also serves our communities with good stewardship of their tax dollars. Our District-wide tax rate has held steady or has lowered in six of the past nine years. Yet we were able to build a new high school and two elementary schools to accommodate student growth.

Our Partners