What Do School Nurses Do?
School Nursing is a healthcare specialty requiring specific expertise in nursing, public health, and education.  Our school nurses are licensed, registered nurses educated to address the wide range of health topics that impact children at school:

  • Identify health concerns through assessments and observations
  • Provide health care counseling or guidance to students, families, and staff
  • Conduct Care Coordination including case management, chronic disease management, care planning, and assistance in finding a medical home or other health care providers
  • Provide medication management
  • Provide health screenings, referrals, and follow-up
  • Ensure immunization compliance and coordination of other health mandates according to state requirements
  • Provide Health education, promotion, and disease prevention

What Does My Child Need For School?
Click on the links to find out what health forms are required for certain grade levels.



3rd Grade

7th Grade

9th Grade

12th Grade

**Any student grades 7th – 12th who participate in sports or extracurricular activities is required to upload an Iowa Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Examination when they register for the activity here.

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Christel Oberbroeckling Altoona Nurse 515-967-3771
Kimberly Freel Centennial Nurse 515-967-2109
Rachel Knichel Clay Nurse 515-967-4198
Kara Grochala Delaware Nurse 515-262-3197
Kara Wall Four Mile Nurse 515-265-1972
Lindsay Dawson Mitchellville Nurse 515-967-4274
Taylor Lynch Runnells Nurse 515-966-2068
Kathryn Mcelree Willowbrook Nurse 515-967-7512
Angelia Rogers Spring Creek Nurse 515-967-5533
Emily Blackford Junior High Nurse 515-967-5509
Melissa Hansen Senior High Nurse 515-967-6631