Secondary Campus Bus Lineup and Parking Information

High School

High School parents we need your assistance with alleviating congestion on the east side of our high school and improving safety for all. We ask that if you are bringing your student to school or picking your student up after school, that you do so on the west side of the high school.  There is a designated student drop off area along the sidewalk on the west side of the building. This area is designed with safety in mind as students will not have to cross traffic and vehicles will not have to double park. We are experiencing an increasing number of vehicles in the parking area east of our building before and after school. The east side of our building is the most congested for traffic, parking, special needs buses, and student pedestrian traffic. The congestion is creating a safety issue for students, damaged vehicles, and frustration of drivers. Note that there is a limited area for parents to use on the east side of the building. Parents are not allowed to double-park in the parking lot or in the designated bus lane north of the flag pole. The only designated area east of the building is along the sidewalk SOUTH OF THE FLAG POLE.

Parents can access the student designated drop off and pick up area on the west side of our building from 80th street or from the west on Meacham Drive. Again, parents we need your cooperation with helping to maintain a safe environment before and after school by using the designated area on the west side of our building for student drop off before school and student pick up after school.

2022 2023 High School Bus Lineup Map 

High School Parking And Traffic Flow Map

Student Driver Registration Form 

Junior High

2022 2023 Jr. High Bus Lineup Map

Junior High Traffic Flow Map

Spring Creek

2022 2023 Spring Creek Bus Lineup Map

Spring Creek Traffic Flow Map