Morning pick-up and drop-off zones can be very hectic for parents and students. If you will follow these procedures it will be safer for everyone involved. The key is to remain patient and watchful so we have no accidents.

Before School Drop Off

We really have two areas that students can be dropped off. The horseshoe drive is an area that we really need to keep things moving. If you are dropping your students off at this location we need you to stay in your vehicle and let students out the car door nearest the curb. The horseshoe drive should only be used if you are pulling through and letting your child walk to the main doors without assistance.  This is not an area that you should be leaving your car unattended.  If you are going to walk your child into the building then we need you to park in our main parking lot and physically walk your child in. No children should be in the main lot unattended. This is a very busy parking lot and without supervision from an adult, students can be in real danger.

After School Pick-up

Pick-up time can also be very hectic. Please make sure that you are not leaving your car unattended in the Horseshoe drive. If you always pick your child up in this drive they should know to look for you and they can walk to your vehicle and enter on the curbside, so we can keep the car line moving.  All students that are being picked up will be coming out the “car rider door” again this year. 

Some parents park in the main lot and then pick their child up at the “car rider door” on the northeast side of the building. This is acceptable, but again we ask that you make sure your child is not unattended in the main parking lot.  I am also asking that you use the main crosswalk to enter and exit the main parking lot. Please do not cut across the driveway as we have buses that use that driveway and we don’t want someone to be accidentally hit! This will help everyone stay safe as buses pull into the main lot. We will not walk students to a waiting vehicle in the Main lot this year. If you are using the north lot, all parents should park and then walk across and pick their child(ren) up.

 Remember: Doors open at 8:30 AM but the tardy bell does not ring until 8:50. The main rush is at 8:30, so by waiting even seven or eight minutes you can avoid this main rush. Thank you for staying patient and keeping all our students safe!