ICN provides students with the opportunity to discuss broadband and technology with state leaders.

Des Moines (02/16/18) – High school students from across Iowa experienced the opportunity on Tuesday to meet with elected officials at the State Capitol to discuss the importance of strong reliable broadband in their daily lives. The 15 student participants are part of the 2017-2018 Statewide Youth Broadband Advisory Council (SYBAC) founded by the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). SYBAC members provided the ICN and elected leaders insight into the use of technology by today’s youth and how the increased use of technology in schools affects their education.

On Tuesday the students were briefed by elected officials on current topics relating to technology. Those initiatives include cybersecurity, infrastructure, rural connectivity, net neutrality, and encryption. SYBAC members interacted with legislators at a forum where they shared their perspectives on technology. Participating legislators included: House Speaker Linda Upmeyer (R-Cerro Gordo County), Senator Amanda Ragan (D-Cerro Gordo County), Senator Jim Carlin (R-Woodbury County), Representative Jacob Bossman (R-Woodbury County), Representative Wes Breckenridge (D-Jasper County), Representative Stan Gustafson (R-Madison County), and Representative Sharon Steckman (D-Cerro Gordo County).

The ICN started the SYBAC program as a way to engage Iowa students on technology issues. The students are given the opportunity to learn about state initiatives and educational opportunities in addition to sharing their opinions.

In addition to meeting with elected officials at the statehouse, SYBAC students participated in their monthly SYBAC meeting at ICN headquarters. The SYBAC students also toured ICN’s Broadband Information Center and the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s Security Information Center.

About Iowa Communications Network (ICN)

The Iowa Communications Network is BROADBAND STRONG; delivering FLEXIBLE broadband and FAST experiences to meet the growing broadband needs of education, government, public safety, and healthcare in Iowa.

About Statewide Youth Broadband Advisory Council (SYBAC)

The Statewide Youth Broadband Advisory Council (SYBAC) complements state efforts to gain input from various stakeholders that are passionate about broadband, technology, and apps that require high- speed Internet. The advisory council provides Iowa’s youth a voice in broadband and technology. https://icn.iowa.gov/sybac