Weight Room Training Software

The Polk County Board of Supervisors were proud to support a grant to the Southeast Polk High School that will be critical in accommodating the growing number of student-athletes. The grant was used to purchase technology and equipment for the high school weight room facility. Recent changes to the curriculum have added an Advanced Daily Weights class that is designed specifically to properly train athletes. Students receive the PE credit necessary for graduation but also get the specialized training needed for their athletic endeavors.

This class has become very popular and has grown in size.  To manage class sizes of 70+ student-athletes instructor have recently acquired a training software program that places the various lifts/exercises for the student-athletes to accomplish visually on an overhead projector with a timing system as well as an audio signal that keeps the athletes moving along in a systematic method.  This software has taken all the in-workout management for the coaches out of the equation and allows coaches to help evaluate individual athletes to improve on the most important aspects of training-technique.

Due to budget restrictions, the school was able to purchase just one projector that is located at the far end of the weight room. It was not easy for students to see and led to confusion and inefficiency. It also did not allow for different training routines to be demonstrated simultaneously. The Polk County Board of Supervisors provided a grant that was allowed expansion of this technology program.

Polk County Supervisor Steve Van Oort stated “athletics and physical activity is such an important aspect of our students’ daily life and we are happy to help fund innovative ways to incorporate technology into this field.”

Through this grant, the school was able to purchase an additional eight monitors as well as software to collect and analyze data for a large number of student-athletes. This allows coaches to spend more time and effort in professional development and determining the best methods for athletic training. It has also led to greater accountability among the students.

Tom Hockensmith, Polk County Supervisor, added “we are happy to support our student-athletes with the best opportunities we can. Using a state of the art training in the weight room will better our student-athletes. It will also provide the training tools, motivation, and accountability that they will benefit from for years to come.”

Press Release Provided by Polk County Supervisor’s Office