Watgen Becomes Member of Iowa Talented and Gifted Association Board of Directors

Penny Watgen, Southeast Polk Talented and Gifted Educator was elected to the Iowa Talented and Gifted Association (ITAG) Board of Directors on October 16, 2018, for a term that runs until October of 2020.

Mrs. Watgen teaches at Clay, Altoona, and Runnells Elementary schools.  She has a passion for teaching gifted students, supporting parents in handling the social-emotional needs of their gifted students, and a desire to spread awareness of the unique needs of this population. With her seat on the board, Mrs. Watgen will work to support the implementation and continuation of quality gifted education across the state as well as parent outreach.

Penny Watgen shared, “I fully support the vision of ITAG and am thankful for the support of Southeast Polk to be able to work with this organization.”

The mission of ITAG is to recognize, support, and respect the unique and diverse needs of talented and gifted learners through advocacy, education, and networking. As a group, ITAG supports the diversity among our students, districts, and parents of gifted students. The ITAG Board is knowledgeable about the laws and rights behind gifted education, employs best practices when working with gifted education students, supports others in becoming comfortable in working with this unique population, and provides resources for parents and others.

Congratulations to Penny Watgen on receiving this honor!