Southeast Polk Education Foundation Awards Nine Grant Recipients Over $26,000

The Southeast Polk Education Foundation has completed their fall grant cycle.  Nine recipients within the Southeast Polk School District have received grants totaling $26,943.

Dean O’Connor, Southeast Polk Education Foundation Board President, shared, “The Education Foundation was fortunate to receive an outpouring of support throughout the past year which resulted in a total of nine grants awarded in support of innovative projects, classroom resources, and equipment for students and staff. Thank you to all of the donors, individuals, and businesses who continue to support the Education Foundation.”

Fall 2018 Grant Recipients

Elementary Breakout EDU Kits
$2400 was awarded for the purchase of 18 Breakout EDU kits to be distributed between the eight elementary buildings. The intent of this program is to create an active community of critical thinkers. This program can be used to engage students in content areas such as reading, math, and science. Beyond the content engagement, students are also active during the breakout sessions by creating, collaborating, and communication with their peers.

Kindergarten Classroom Chicken Incubator
$400 was awarded for the purchase of a chicken incubator in Mrs. Haines’ kindergarten class at Altoona Elementary. They will use the incubator for an integrated science unit. The chicken eggs will be placed in the incubator and students will observe as they develop and eventually, hatch. This allows students the opportunity to observe a life cycle of an animal from the beginning.

Breakout EDU Kits
$700 was granted for five Breakout EDU Kits in Mrs. Filloon’s third-grade classroom at Four Mile Elementary. The kits are designed so that students work in small groups to collaborate, think critically and creatively, all while communicating with one another. Each kit is set up with a series of locks and codes. Once the students solve a series of challenging academic puzzles, they open another lock until the entire box is open.

Spring Creek Microscopes
$10,000 was awarded for microscopes at the sixth grade Spring Creek. All 6th graders at Spring Creek will learn through a hands-on approach how to successfully operate the microscope and use it to learn the differences between plant and animal cells, as well as, different cells of the human body; ie muscle, cardiac, bone, nervous system, etc.  Included in the study will also be identifying the parts of the plant and animal cells and learning the functions of each part.

Books for Clay
$1000 was granted for books for the 110 Clay Elementary fifth graders to enrich literature experiences and provide opportunities for a wide variety of readers, targeting both the struggling and high achieving readers.

Preschool Climbing Blocks
$2644 was granted to purchase climbing blocks for Mrs. Rusher’s Preschool classroom at Willowbrook Elementary. The climbing blocks will help preschoolers learn many skills simultaneously: taking turns and negotiating, math, and gross motor skills. The students will engage in dramatic play by using the blocks as a castle, business, restaurant, obstacle course, or any other setting.

Google Expedition Kits
$7771 was given for Google Expedition Kits that will serve all students in the district, kindergarten through high school. Google Expeditions is a virtual reality teaching tool that allows teachers to lead students through immersive virtual trips all over the world. Participants are able to get up close with historical landmarks, explore the human body, dive underwater and see coral reefs, even visit outer space!

Spring Creek Percussion Instruments
$778 was awarded for the purchase of additional percussion instruments, covers, and mallets to enhance 6th-graders’ band experience.  This money will also be used to purchase a hi-hat stand, cymbals, a floor tom, a temple blocks stand, and two timpani covers to protect existing instruments.

High School Robotics Team
$1250 was granted to the First Robotics™ – Terabyte of RAM high school competition team. The money will help fund registration fees, travel, recruitment, shop tools, robotics parts, and community outreach. The team has more than tripled in size since its formation in the fall of 2016, yet the funding has declined.  As the team grows, they are in need of resources from sponsors for more opportunities to compete in events, provide community outreach, and mentor other teams.

About the Southeast Polk Education Foundation

Established in 2014 as an independently governed, not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, the mission of the Southeast Polk Education Foundation (SEPEF) is to engage and focus local, regional, and national support to enhance opportunities for Southeast Polk students, PK through 12th grade. The Foundation works with the district to develop and implement the securing of funds to support district initiatives.

The Southeast Polk Education Foundation is the only funding organization with the unique mission of supporting Southeast Polk Schools. Our efforts involve corporations, foundations, civic organizations, professional associations, school alumni, and other concerned individuals. We will assist private donors in making informed decisions that will enhance educational opportunities for Southeast Polk students.