The Bait is Over – Ms. Alli’s Preschool Class Welcomes Classroom Fish

Two students from Ms. Alli’s afternoon preschool class at Clay Elementary began campaigning for a classroom pet. They set out on a mission to figure out which would be the best pet for a classroom and landed on a fish.  The next step was to ask the Superintendent, Dr. Halupnik if this would be okay to have in the classroom. Dr. Halupnik said “YES” to the pet fish!

Over the last month, Ms. Alli’s class has been doing a lot of research about fish. They narrowed down their decision on what fish they wanted, even down to the color based on all that they had learned.

Ms. Alli’s class has learned so much more than just fish biology. They learned critical thinking skills, analytical thinking, and decision-making. They learned to ask questions and discover the answers in books.

Today, Dr. Halupnik delivered the Betta fish to Ms. Alli’s students!  Welcome home Sushi!