Members of the Southeast Polk Community,

As superintendent of the Southeast Polk School District, I recognize and acknowledge the painful and heartbreaking events of the last week and it is my priority to keep all of our students, families, and staff safe.  I realize that there are no perfect words for this situation and yet silence is even worse.  I also know that our District has a reputation for being strong, united, and standing together. Rarely has this been as important as it is now.

As a school district, our mission focuses on ALL students.  Our core values of students first, high expectations, respect, integrity, communication, collaboration, stewardship, and adaptability all support this mission. This work is not only celebrated, but we strive to carry it out each and every day.  All of our students deserve the best possible learning experiences and opportunities in a safe, supportive, and positive environment so that they can continue to grow and achieve. Discrimination and injustice have no part in this process.

This is a challenging time for all of us.  We will continue to work to be better each day but in order to accomplish this, we must work together. Together we are all stronger.


Dirk Halupnik, Ed.D
Southeast Polk Community School District