The following email was sent to all students, parents, and guardians on Oct. 22.

Students, parents, and guardians,

Good morning! I want to provide all students and families with some information regarding the upcoming transition to the Hybrid #1 learning pathway which will begin on Monday, November 2. The information below will be organized by new procedures/schedules for Hybrid #1 at Southeast Polk High School.

Click here to see the Daily Schedule ( link) 

  • Monday/Thursday – Odd BLOCK period days
  • Tuesday/Friday – Even BLOCK period days
  • Black days on Monday/Tuesday, Gold days on Thursday/Friday
  • All 8 periods meet on Wednesdays by rotating Black/Gold Day each week
  • The lunch period will be after the third block period (6th period on Wednesdays). The lunch period will include a time for students to get assistance from teachers (MTSS) during the block days and our advisement/MVP curriculum on Wednesdays

Morning Routine

  • The building opens at 7:15 (9:15 on Wednesdays) for students to gather in the Commons.  We encourage students to arrive after 7:30 if they have their own transportation.
  • Students are encouraged to keep 6 feet of distance between others, but this is REQUIRED when students are eating/drinking.
  • Students are dismissed to their first class at 7:30, but students eating breakfast will remain in the Commons until they finish eating.


  • All 9/10th grade students who drive to school must park in the parking lots adjacent to Spring Creek on the east side of 80th street.
  • All 11/12th grade students who drive to school may park in the parking lots adjacent to the High School on the west side of 80th street.
  • Parking tickets will be issued for students who do not follow the parking guidelines. Register your vehicle(s), display your parking tag correctly, and park in a parking stall within your approved parking lot.


  • Hallway lockers may be used before/after school to store/retrieve winter clothing, but lockers are not to be used during the school day. Students may carry backpacks throughout the day with the items they need for class.
  • All 10-12th grade students have previously been assigned lockers. This information can be found in Infinite Campus.
  • Freshman and new students who plan to actively use a school locker to store winter clothing may request a locker by completing this form.

Open Campus 

  • Open campus is available for 11/12th grade students during lunch. Grab and go lunches will be available for students leaving campus. These 11/12th grade students who remain in the building for lunch will eat in their advisement classrooms. Students who leave the building for lunch may not return to campus prior to 1:30 as 7th/8th period classes begin at 1:40. Many upperclassmen do not have a 7th or 8th period class; therefore, they may not need to return to the building after they leave for lunch.
  • All 11/12th grade students may be released from all study halls throughout the day. This is an extension of our current study hall release procedures. Parents must give permission for their child to be released from study hall by completing this form.
  • The study hall release privilege may be revoked from 11/12th grade students who are failing classes.
  • Students need to practice safe driving habits at all times.


  • 1st lunch (9th grade advisements) 12:00-12:50. This time will be split into two 25 minute lunch shifts. Some students will eat in the Commons while others will be assigned to their advisement classroom. These students will have MTSS or an advisement lesson from 12:55-1:35.
  • 2nd lunch (11/12th grade advisements) 12:35-1:40. This lunch period has been extended so students who choose the open campus option have ample time to safely leave campus without being pressed for time. Again, please drive safely when leaving or returning to campus.  Students who stay on campus will be assigned to their advisement classroom. These students will have had MTSS or an advisement lesson from 12:05-12:35 before lunch.
  • 3rd lunch (10th grade advisements) 12:50-1:40. This time will be split into two 25 minute lunch shifts. Some students will eat in the Commons while others will be assigned to their advisement classroom. These students will have had MTSS or an advisement lesson from 12:05-12:50 before lunch.
  • We will maintain the 6 feet of distance between students eating lunch regardless of their location.
  • We will begin practicing the new lunch shifts and procedures on Monday, October 26. This includes the open campus lunch option for 11/12th grade students.

The top priority for our school year is to provide a safe learning environment for all students and staff. All members of our school community (students and staff) are required to conduct an in-home wellness screening each morning prior to leaving for school. If a student has a fever above 100.4° or is experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, the student should stay home and report this information to the high school attendance office.

Thank you for reading this information as you prepare for the transition to Hybrid #1. Please reach out to your counselor or administrator if you have any questions.

Take care, and stay safe!
Stephen A. Pettit
Principal, Southeast Polk High School

Hybrid 1 Schedule

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