The following email was sent to all SEP High School families.

Students, parents, and guardians:

This message will include high school specific information pertaining to our return to the Hybrid 2 learning model which was approved by the Southeast Polk School Board at their meeting on Tuesday night. Hybrid 2 will begin on Monday, December 14, and it will continue throughout the remainder of the first semester which ends on Friday, January 15.

Remainder of the First Semester – We will continue to follow the same schedule format as we did during our previous experiences in the Hybrid 2 learning model. The schedule can be found here.

  •  High school students will return to the attendance group they were most recently in prior to Thanksgiving.
  • Students are allowed to transition into the 100% Remote Learning group for the duration of the first semester. Parents/guardians must complete this request form to initiate this transition if they have not already made this new request. A confirmation email will be sent to these families by the student’s counselor.
  • Students are expected to follow the daily schedule regardless of whether they are in the building or learning from home. This would pertain to students in both the Hybrid or 100% Remote Learning instructional models.
  • Some classes will be synchronous (live) while others are better suited for asynchronous (on-demand) learning. Students will receive additional communication from their teachers regarding attendance procedures and expectations for their courses.
  • MTSS will continue to be available for both in-person and at-home students (including Remote Learning students) each day according to the schedule.
  • Homework Help will continue to be available for both in-person and at-home students (including Remote Learning students) each day. This program is from 3:15-5:00pm on Monday-Thursday and from 8:00-11:00am on Saturdays.
  • We are looking to expand in-person learning opportunities on Wednesdays following Winter Break. Specific information will be coming out prior to this break.
  • We will follow an 8-period day on Monday/Tuesday (12/21 & 12/22) in order to provide students with the opportunity to meet with all teachers during their one day of in-person attendance this short week before winter break. These days will begin at 7:50am.
  • We will not have semester finals or devoted time within our schedule as we traditionally have done for end-of-course summative assessments. We will devote the remainder of this semester to regular classroom instruction and assessment.

Second Semester – The Southeast Polk School Board also approved the transition into the Hybrid 1 learning model for the second semester which begins on Tuesday, January 19.

  • Students who prefer the 100% Remote Learning pathway must make this commitment for the entire second semester, and parents/guardians must complete this request form to initiate this placement. The deadline for this form is Friday, December 18.
    • The data from this form will be used to build a remote learning master schedule.
    • Many core area classes will have specific sections devoted solely to remote learners.
    • Some courses will only have sections which are blended between in-person and remote learners.
    • Not all courses will be available to remote learners
  • Individual student schedules for the second semester are currently being reviewed and adjusted to accommodate the requests for remote learning. Please be patient as we make these schedule changes. Schedules may not be finalized until the last day of the first semester.
  • Additional information regarding the second semester schedule will be shared in January when we return from Winter Break.

If you have questions regarding specific courses, please communicate directly with your teachers as they are the most knowledgeable regarding the curriculum, expectations, and classroom procedures. As always, school counselors and administrators are also available to assist you.

Take care, and stay safe!

Stephen A. Pettit

Principal, Southeast Polk High School