Southeast Polk is committed to community service and emphasizes it both in and out of the classroom. “Success for college, career and civic life” is part of our mission statement. So we are proud of the many Southeast Polk students that show their civic duty by volunteering their time and talents to help our community. The SEP High School Silver Cord Program is committed to instill the importance of community service and encourage students to invest in their community. By meeting the minimum requirements during their high school years, students get recognized at graduation by wearing a silver cord. Talking with several students about volunteering, they say that once they start, they are “hooked” and look forward to opportunities to volunteer.

Junior Sadie Ferrell is one of those students.

 “I first got into doing volunteer work when I went to Meals of the Heartland and left feeling great about helping others that needed food, especially knowing I had a hand in people getting a meal. After that, I was hooked and wanted to do more for those in need and decided to go for my silver cord with the work I was doing.”

During COVID-19, with the school’s ability to provide free meals to all students, distribution volunteers were needed to get the meals out. Sadie and another SEP student, Bre Dao, signed up to help.  They worked after school several times a week since the start of the school year helping distribute food to families at various locations throughout the district. 

Bre felt that since the district had been working so hard to do what’s best for the students, she wanted to step in help however she can. And she has found that she enjoys meeting new people while knowing she’s helping and hopefully influencing younger students too. 

“One thing I thought was cool when I was distributing meals at Altoona was when we were walking around and a younger student waved at us and said hi. I thought this was cool because I remember being an elementary student like they currently are, and now I’m already in high school.”

Bre, a freshman, has also volunteered at Jolly Holiday Lights as part of Key Club, another high school club that encourages leadership and community work.  We know that Bre will make a difference in our community in her years at SEP High School!

As a junior, Sadie has already contributed through a variety of volunteer opportunities in addition to distributing meals for Southeast Polk families including Meals for the Heartland, ARL, Lutheran Church of the Cross, Koach Cheerleading club and Kids Cafe. But one of her favorites was the Relay for Life, an event for Cancer survivors. Her mom had cancer three years ago, so that event was one that was close to her heart. 

We are thankful for all of our students that make an impact on our community through their volunteer efforts. They are great ambassadors for Southeast Polk and we’re proud that they have learned the importance of civic duty. 

For a full list of high school clubs from our Activities page on the SEP website, follow this link: Activities and Clubs.  For more information about our Silver Cord Program, follow the link: Silver Cord Program

Bre setting up lights at Jolly Holiday Lights.

Bre Dao at Holiday Lights. jpg

Sadie Ferrell and SEP Student Gianni Egenberger volunteering.

Sadie Ferrell and Gianni at LCCSadie helping a special someone. Sadie and puppy