April 28 was a very special day at the high school, thanks to our counselors and activities office!  Many of our seniors participated in Decision Day – the day we celebrate our seniors and their plans for the next step in their lives. Seniors were encouraged to wear something that signifies which college, university, military branch, apprenticeship program, and/or career path he/she plans to pursue after high school. The counseling office invited seniors to indicate on one of the maps which town/state they plan to attend college, receive training, and/or pursue employment. Seniors also wrote their names on a banner, indicate their plans for after high school, and pinpoint where they plan to pursue these plans. Lastly, some seniors read letters they had written to themselves years ago while others received a letter from an elementary student further encouraging them to pursue their post-secondary plans and goals.

We also held a Unified Activities Signing event in the high school gym for our student-athletes to sign their letters of intent to continue their education and athletic endeavors at their college/university of choice.

Congratulations to all of our seniors! We wish you well!