The tables were turned as students taught the teachers! Recently, student members of Students and Staff for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (SEID) presented information to Jr. High teachers and administrators during the late start professional development morning.  SEID’s mission is to build awareness on issues related to diversity and inclusion to strengthen the climate and culture of our schools, communities and district. 

The goal for the session was for junior high staff and administrators to take what they heard from the students and better understand the culture and climate within the school.

The students of SEID did an outstanding job! Breakout sessions for teachers included information on microaggressions and ways to make classrooms culturally inclusive. In addition, a panel of students shared their experiences and personal stories as they related to inclusion, diversity, and culture.

Watch this video, Planting the SEID for our Future, created by high school student Cayden Johnson, to learn more about this amazing new group of SEP students!

SEID is guided by high school teachers Emily Gienapp, Madelyn Kieler, and Shannon Stusse. Follow @SEP_SEID on Twitter.