Recently our Industrial Tech students had an amazing state-of-the-art technology experience thanks to our relationship with Master Builders of Iowa. MBI is a leader in the construction industry in the state of Iowa, offering and delivering high-level educational programs that are relevant for Iowa’s commercial construction industry. 

Mr. Butcher, Southeast Polk’s College & Career Readiness Coordinator, along with our SEP Industrial Tech department and MBI created a special event for our Tech students using a VR (virtual reality) system. Students could experience a 360 view into the life of somebody working in a specific trade, all without leaving the classroom! MBI was off-site leading students in the virtual job shadowing while students were at the high school using virtual 360 goggles.  These goggles allowed students to virtually explore 10 different trades – experiencing real work sites as they stood next to workers who explained what they are doing.

Alison Mahoney-Doran from Master Builders of Iowa shared,

MBI is thankful for the opportunity to bring the Virtual Job Shadows to the SEP Students. This event allowed students to experience up to 10 different commercial construction careers, all while sitting in the classroom, and driving students to connect with MBI members for future opportunities and employment experiences.”

Students could virtually learn about the following trades:

  • Project Manager
  • Electrician
  • Iron Worker
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber/Pipefitter
  • Heavy Equipment Operator

Mr. Butcher shared,

Our goal is to present to students all different career paths that are available to them. This virtual reality experience was a great opportunity for students to observe real-life worksites and experience their daily work activities. I would like to thank Master Builders of Iowa, and all the industries that support them, for making these types of experiences possible.”

Mr. Anderson and Mr. Rickabaugh, SEP Industrial Tech Instructors, agreed. With the complications of in-person career fairs and business site visits this year, they were looking for opportunities to show students all of the possibilities in the trades and MBI (Master Builders of Iowa) had just the right answer. This was a great way for students to see a glimpse into the future as to how students will be learning and experiencing training for their future careers in the industry.