A long-time tradition, SCIP Day, which stands for Senior Community Improvement Project, is back! On Friday, May 7, hundreds of Southeast Polk Seniors will spread out across the district performing community work that needs to be done. Typically, about 80% of the senior class has signed up for the variety of projects requested by our local organizations providing our students with opportunities that incorporate our vision to prepare them for success for college, career and civic life. 

One of the highlights of the day has always been the Altoona Lions Club providing lunch at Thomas Mitchellville Park. After a morning of hard work in individual groups, everyone comes together to celebrate. Although they won’t be grilling like they have in the past, Altoona Lions Club will be providing box lunches for our students to enjoy. 

Bill Pollard, Altoona Lions Secretary, stopped by the SEP High School to deliver a generous donation to High School Principal, Mr. Pettit. Pollard shared that the Lions Club motto is “We Serve.” Our district is committed to community service and learning both in and outside the classroom. SCIP Day is a perfect partnership for both groups to give back.  Bill also shared that being a part of this annual day is a “prize event” for the Lions Club. 

“We are disappointed that we can’t have the exact same experience as we have had in the past. We love the interaction with the students. Being a part of this event has been and continues to be our pleasure.” 

Thank you Altoona Lions Club for all that you do for our schools and the community!

Southeast Polk and Altoona Lions have partnered together since 1947 for the betterment of our community.  Just a few examples include Silver Cord Hours (our high school program to instill within students the importance of community service), Leo’s Club, Kid’s Cafe, and the Lions members conducting vision testing for elementary students. With the State Fair returning this summer, we encourage everyone to find their Spin-Art booth. It’s their main fundraiser and helps them to help us! 

We also want to thank the other organizations that help make this annual day of community service possible:  HyVee and Fareway. We are so grateful for all of the partnerships we have throughout the district. 

If you are an organization or company that has a project for our seniors, please contact John Jones at john.jones@southeastpolk.org before April 7 for more information. We prefer outdoor activities and the company would need to provide the supplies.

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