Our Southeast Polk principals are amazing! As the one who oversees the activities and operations of their building, principals wear many different hats throughout the day, week and year! Their tireless dedication to their staff and students, ensuring we are putting our district vision and mission into action every day is praiseworthy.

But who are our principals?  How well do you know them? We thought it might be fun to get to know them a little better so we spent a few minutes with each principal across the district. Click on each button to “meet” all of our head principals.

Come back as we continue to add new Getting to Know You videos!



Mr. Blake Kielman, Mitchellville Elementary





Mr. Steve Pettit, High School





Mrs. Chelsea Clark, Delaware Elementary





Mr. Nate Ballagh, Spring Creek 6th Grade Center





Mr. Mike Dailey, Jr. High





Mr. Morgan Miller, Altoona Elementary





Mr. Mike Nicodemus, Runnells Elementary





Mrs. Tammy Steenhoek, Four Mile Elementary



Coming soon…

Mrs. Lori Waddell, Centennial Elementary

Mr. George Panosh, Willowbrook Elementary

Mrs. Lea Morris, Clay Elementary