We are so grateful for the partnerships with have with our local businesses!  Prairie Meadows and Polk County Board of Supervisors have worked together for decades to ensure that revenues received from the operations of Prairie Meadows are returned back to our community.

Since 2007, Prairie Meadows and Polk County have donated a percentage of Prairie Meadows’ gross receipts to the school districts based on the per capita enrollment of students residing in Polk County. At last night’s School Board Meeting, Steve Van Oort, our Polk County District 3 Supervisor, and Julie Stewart, Prairie Meadows VP Community Relations, presented a donation check for $114,960.76 of unrestricted funds to Southeast Polk.

The total dollars donated to our district since 2007 is $1,423,063.79. This money is used to help supplement our curriculum infrastructure and materials.

“Investing in our future leaders is one of our greatest achievements,” shared Julie Stewart.

Thank you Prairie Meadows and Polk County!