Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

This class – the class of 2022 – has risen to the high standard set by previous classes and moved that bar even higher for the future.  

  • Numerous academic achievements on the local, state, and national level
  • Conference Championships
  • State Championships 
  • National Championships
  • Marching Band, Show Choir, and Drama & Speech honors and awards
  • Student group success
  • Club success
  • Giving back to the community
  • The list of your honors and achievements goes on

These are all good examples of how throughout your time as students here, you have demonstrated our core values of high expectations, collaboration, integrity, stewardship, adaptability, and respect on a daily basisThe skills you have developed will set you apart from your peers at your next step. You have grown as students and you have grown as people. You have persevered, showed determination and resilience. You worked hard every day and you never gave up on one another. It’s that attitude and outlook that gives me confidence that you are all going to be successful in that next phase.  

This ceremony marks the beginning of a new phase in each of your lives. That may mean college and further years of study and preparation; or it may mean business, trade, or technical programs; or maybe an apprenticeship and entry into a profession; or service to your country. Whatever your path may be – today signifies a new beginning. My hope for each of you is that your interests and passion will match your skills and opportunities and this will allow you to do things that you truly love and that make the world a better place. That is our community’s vision for you – SUCCESS FOR COLLEGE, CAREER, AND CIVIC LIFE. I am confident that you will do great things!

On behalf of the Board and the faculty and staff of Southeast Polk, I wish you the best in your future endeavors.  Don’t ever stop learning, dreaming, or achieving. 

Best of luck and congratulations to you – the Class of 2022!

Dr. Dirk Halupnik, Superintendent

SEP Class of 2022 Entering Graduation to Pomp and Circumstance

Grads walking out fist bumping