Our high school Rise Class provides our business students with amazing real-world experiences with a variety of local businesses.  Last week, they went to the Empress Threads Boutique in Pleasant Hill to help prepare the store for its first day of business with new owners, Michelle and Josh Hanson.  Michelle mentored the group on several business practices including pricing, accounting, merchandising, advertising and more!

Thank you Hansons for providing this opportunity and sharing your years of business acumen!

All the students helped with:
*pricing new inventory
*working on the flow of the boutique/moved displays/placement of different vendors
*organizing the sales rack (why some included, some will be a write/off)
*tagging merchandise
*folding merchandise
*removing items out of storage freeing up the back room for the next challenge/opportunity of room rental
*discussing signage
*meeting and talking to 2 different vendors
*brainstorming the material for the video for WeGiveARam
To keep up on the class’ adventures, follow them @SEP_Rise