The Southeast Polk High School RISE class debuted their Culture of Southeast Polk Video at the January 5, 2023, School Board Meeting (starting at the 19:27 mark). The class spent all semester interviewing staff and students to understand how they view the culture at SEP.  Using this information and testimonials, the RISE Class developed a promotional video to help other people who are not familiar with SEP understand who we are. The Board loved it and is proud that this class is a product of our education system! They wanted more!

“We discovered a lot through trial and error. We learned how to learn,” shared one of the RISE students. 

At SEP, we strive to engage all students in learning through a challenging curriculum delivered through quality instruction. We want our students to get hands-on, real-world experiences and our SEP High School RISE Class is just one class that accomplishes that.  

“It’s cool to know that, as seniors, we created this product from start to finish.” 

This project provided both academic and life lessons: 

  • Learning more about their school, teachers, classes, activities and different support departments resulted in a great appreciation and pride in SEP
  • Discovering and utilizing personal strengths and different work-styles in others to create a positive workplace environment
  • Determining how to work individually but still work together as a team
  • Thinking outside the box, being innovative, and learning how to use the equipment available to them and how to use it to achieve what they wanted
  • Exploring and utilizing various business tools and apps like storyboarding, Agile Methodology, Google Docs, Email, iMovie editing/production and more for project management, professional communications and creativity

“As a class, we started off at the beginning of the semester not really knowing each other but ended up really connecting and learned how to complement each other’s different strengths and work styles.” 

Several students mentioned their favorite part of the project was interviewing a variety of different people, especially going back to their elementary schools and seeing previous teachers.

“It was really a full circle moment.”

“My 1st-grade teacher remembered me – our teachers really do care!” 

We are pleased that our district can offer this unique experience to our seniors who are interested in getting firsthand experience in marketing, event planning and other business skills in an internship-like setting.

One class member shared, “We are grateful for this opportunity!” 

Other first-semester projects this class worked on simultaneously with the video include: 

  • Prairie Meadows Veteran’s Day Event Planning
  • Empress Threads Ribbon Cutting Planning
  • Salon Suites Ribbon Cutting Planning
  • Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce Small Business Spotlights
  • Planet Smoothie Holiday Campaign Promotional Ads
  • Multi-Media English Language Learner Presentation

The class has several second-semester projects planned with other local businesses and institutions that will focus on:

  • Human Resources: hiring/managing employees
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Entrepreneurs (the process of starting a business/running it)
  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Management
  • Insurance
  • Graphic Design

The class is currently taught by Chelsey Sadler, one of our high school business instructors who’s been at SEP for 9 years.

She shared, “These students are the cream of the crop! I’m extremely proud of the grit and critical thinking these students are developing. They are hungry for opportunities and love to just dig in.”

So after interviewing everyone and pulling this project together, what words do the class think describe us? 

  • Supported – both internally and from the community
  • Team – we all work together 
  • Proud – we are honored to be Southeast Polk and what we do
  • Small-Town Community Feel – even though we are a large school, we have a small-town community feel 

Watch their video and let us know if you agree! 

Culture of SEP Video

Follow the class on Twitter and Instagram @Sep_RISE to see all of the exciting things happening next semester! 

To read more about the RISE class, follow this link.