The School Board visited Centennial this week! There are so many incredible things happening there – Centennial is UNSTOPPABLE!

The board stopped in a variety of different classrooms including a Reading Specialist, a special needs room, and a 3rd grade classroom during their class meeting.

Centennial’s leadership shared the growth they’ve seen in ELA and math attributing it to everyone in the building aligning and collaborating on the lessons. This creates layering of the instruction and the ability for students to build on what they’ve learned each year.

Creating a positive culture at Centennial is their #1 priority. They don’t just teach academics, but they also teach behavior. This is done again, by everyone in the building modeling good behavior. How you feel when you walk into Centennial is of great importance, whether you are a student learning there, a family visiting or a staff member who works there, In fact, 81% of families they surveyed said they felt safe, supported and all of their needs were met.

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