Playoff Information

Congratulations to all of the teams advancing to the playoffs! Since this is a post-season game, several things are different from our regular season. Please review the UPDATED information below.

Quick Tips:

  1. By your ticket online now at this updated site:
  2. Carpool
  3. Give yourself enough time to find a parking spot and get inside the stadium 
  4. If you can’t make it to the game, you can watch it here:

Game Time: 

The Quarterfinals play-off football game is Friday, Nov. 3, 2023, when we host Cedar Falls and we’re expecting record crowds. Kickoff is slated for 7pm.  Gates will open to the public at 5:30pm.


Admission for all, including students in grades K-12 is $8.  All tickets must be purchased online prior to the event, or can be purchased with a credit card at the ticket booth near the main admission gates on the Northeast corner of the stadium.  

There are NO cash sales at the gate!

*There are no student activity passes, senior passes or booster passes accepted. 

*School employees are not admitted without a ticket. 

*There are no reserved seats for the playoff games.

Parking For All Stadium Events:

  • The parking lot adjacent to the stadium is reserved for approved game personnel and handicap parking only.
  • The parking lots on the west and north of the high school, as well as the parking lots near Spring Creek and the Junior High are designated for game spectator parking. 
  • Vehicles are to be parked in a defined parking stall.
  • There is no parking on grass areas anywhere on the Southeast Polk campus.
  • Parking on the driving lanes around the campus is prohibited.
  • Violators of these guidelines are subject to tow.
  • See the attached map for further guidance.

Stadium Entry:

The main admission gate is located on the Northeast corner of the stadium by the Ram statue. Access to the stadium will be via the tunnel under Martha Miller Drive.  For safety reasons, please do not walk across Martha Miller Drive to get from the High School parking areas to the stadium.

SEP Student seating:

  • All student seating will be in the lower grandstands on the West side of the stadium.
  • High School students in grades 10-12 will sit in sections D, E and F in the center of the West lower bleachers.
  • SECTIONS F AND G (normally where the SEP Marching Band sits, northern most two sections of the lower level on the home side) WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC SEATING.
  • Spring Creek students will sit in Section A, Junior High Student in Section B, and 9th grade students in section C.
  • Elementary students are expected to sit with a parent in the upper bleachers.
  • See the attached diagram.

SEP Adult seating:

  • All adult seating is the upper grandstand on the West side of the stadium.  
  • There are NO RESERVED Seating for post-season games. 

General reminders:

  • There are no pass outs.  Once you are in the stadium you are in.  If you leave you must purchase another ticket to re-enter.
  • Leave footballs at home.  Footballs, or balls of any kind, are not permitted in the stadium.  
  • Outside food and drink is not permitted.  Each spectator is allowed 1 unopened, sealed bottle of water.  
  • Pets are NOT permitted at school events.
  • Noisemakers (cowbells, airhorns, etc), signs, banners, flags (other than cheer flags) are not permitted.
  • All bags are subject to search.

Spectator Parking Map 2023


Stadium Ticket Booth and Gates Map 2023 (2)