Culture Day 2024 provided Willowbrook students with a window to the world!  Compliments of the Willowbrook PTA, and organized by Willowbrook’s ELL teacher Amy Olesen, students were dancing, playing music, speaking and learning about clothing and traditions from around the world. It was a fun and engaging way to learn about a variety of different cultures from professional presenters.

Just some of the different activities include:

  • A Musical Tour of Mexico
  • Japanese Toys and Games
  • The World in a Hat
  • Latin Dance
  • Daily Life in the Philippines

Throughout the building, you could hear students exclaim,

“This is so cool!”

“I learned so much!”

“I’m having so much fun!”

Southeast Polk celebrates the diversity of our students, many from cultures that were highlighted today.  Several students wore clothing from their countries/cultures. It was an amazing way for everyone to learn more about their classmates!

Check out all of the amazing pictures here: Willowbrook Culture Day Pictures on Flickr