In a heartwarming initiative, Runnells Elementary students have teamed up with local artists, Pam Dennis and Ryk Weiss of Flock 9 Studios, to embark on a creative journey, resulting in the development of a one-of-a-kind art piece.

This truly collaborative vibrant unique composition was created with students from each grade (Kindergarten through 5th) creating their own element, adding their own special touch. The different grades made the different elements that once assembled together create this amazing work of art. Fifth graders helped Pam and Ryk assemble the piece. While each individual element is beautiful in its own right, together, they create an eye-catching artwork.

“I knew my students loved art – but this collaborative piece took it to the next level! The excitement and engagement were beyond my expectations! I am so glad that more in the district were able to witness this experience!” exclaimed Runnells Art Teacher Susan Conner. 
A few years ago, Clay students collaborated with Pam to create their own unique work of art. You can find it in the front office at Clay Elementary.
This colorful collaborative art piece will be displayed in Runnells Elementary Library, which is also the Runnells Public Library, so families can enjoy the art piece year-round.
Runnells Collaborative Art Piece 2024