Yesterday was our Annual Southeast Polk High School Decision Day for our seniors. Decision Day allows seniors to publicly share their post-secondary path and plans. Our High School Counselors always put on an energy-filled event with a variety of Decision Day activities for both seniors and high school staff.

Seniors were asked to wear something to signify which college, university, military branch, apprenticeship program, and/or career path he/she plans to pursue after high school.  They were encouraged to stop into the counseling office throughout the day. In the Counseling Office, they indicated on a map which town/state they plan to attend college, receive training, and/or pursue employment, write their names on a banner to indicate their plans for after high school, and place a tack on a map to pinpoint where they plan to pursue these plans.

One of the really cool activities was for seniors to pick up a letter from a current SEP elementary student encouraging them to pursue their post-secondary plans and goals. Lastly, there were cookies and donuts!

Staff was also encouraged to wear something today to let our students know what college/university they attended and to discuss with classes the value of planning and pursuing post-secondary goals.

Congratulations to all seniors and the next chapter in your life story! This is such an exciting time! Enjoy!