Celebrating a Milestone: Our Librarian’s Role in Demco’s Customer Council of Librarians

Amy DrakeLast fall, Southeast Polk Librarian Teacher, Amy Drake, was honored with an invitation to join the prestigious Customer Council of Librarians at Demco. Demco, renowned for its support of libraries and librarians, selected Drake as one of the five founding teacher librarians from across the country due to her advocacy for libraries on social media. This council, composed of highly accomplished librarians, serves as a guiding force for Demco to better support the evolution of today’s school libraries.

In December, Drake attended the initial meeting at Demco’s headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. Over three days, the council members received top-tier professional development, tested prototypes of future products, and provided input on innovative solutions for library spaces. Demco generously provided numerous resources and continues to support the council members with useful items and much-deserved recognition.

The council’s work is just beginning, and Demco will continue to seek Drake’s and her fellow council members’ expertise on various topics throughout the year.

For more information, the Array magazine features the council’s introduction on page 10, including a two-page layout and bios of all five members. Additionally, an insightful article, written by a Demco writer after interviewing Drake, is available for further reading.

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Drake joined the Ram Fam in 2014 and is currently the teacher librarian for Mitchellville, Centennial and Spring Creek. Congratulations on this accomplishment!   #1SEP