Turning on the House Lights

I saw this quote on twitter earlier in the week: If your mind tends to put a spotlight on the scary stuff, turn the house lights on. You’re likely surrounded by goodness.

It didn’t mean much to me at the time. As the end of the week it had more meaning for me. Why? Generally speaking a week never passes without a negative phone call, a critical email, or a tense meeting. This past week had all three. It can be easy to get consumed by the negative thoughts of a few. However if you take a step back and look from a distance (turn on the house lights) there is an overwhelming amount of positivity all around. For me reflecting on and recognizing all of the great things that happen every week was really beneficial in changing my attitude.

I know your jobs can be similar. When you run into a steady stream of negativity don’t forget to “turn on the house lights” to see all of the “goodness” around you.

Raise the Praise

I’d really like to recognize Jake Bartels at the Junior High for all of his work with MS activities. On top of his assistant principal duties he really serves as the junior high activities director and I’m thankful for all he does to make all those events and activities run smoothly.
Photo of Jayson Campbell

Jayson Campbell is the Activities Director at Southeast Polk Community School District. Before accepting this position in 2016 he was the Activities Director for the Keokuk Community School District (2014-2016). His past experiences include 6 years as the middle school assistant principal in Mt. Pleasant (2008-2014), as well as being a teacher, head football coach and head track coach at Keokuk from 2002-2008. Mr. Campbell received his BA in History from Truman State University and his MA in educational administration from William Woods University.