Welcome to Southeast Polk’s Remote Learning pathway.  With the unique challenges of this school year, we are glad you found a pathway that meets your needs, and we are excited to meet you and work with your child!  Below is a document that provides more information on what to expect in the Remote Learning pathway.

Remote Learning: What to Expect 

As you begin this pathway, we want to make sure you have the materials you need. Each student will have a Chromebook as well as curriculum materials for their grade level.

These materials may also be found here. You may work with your home buildings to pick up these materials at a scheduled time.  Along with these curriculum materials, the school supplies your child will need are on the Southeast Polk School Supply List found here.

Computer Log-Ons

All K-5 students will be using the Google Classroom platform.  Grade 6 will be using the Canvas platform.  Students will have log-on information to access their Chromebook and these sites.  In addition, English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies also have online resources.  Most resources have a ‘single sign-on’ meaning that the log-on information is the same for all devices and programs.  You will receive specific information by grade level on how to access these materials.  For additional information on logging on, student numbers, usernames and passwords, you may access this document: Technology Tips and Questions.

Health Services

Even though your child will be participating in remote learning, we will still need to comply with the health requirements for immunizations, physicals, vision and dental screenings.  These are only required of certain grade levels.  Please refer to the Health Services page of the website for a list of requirements for each grade.  Additionally, school nurses will be available daily if you have any questions or need assistance in obtaining healthcare services.


Our goal is to provide regular communication, but not to overload your inbox.  That at times is a delicate balance!  Most resources for the remote learning pathway may be found at the site below:

Southeast Polk Remote Learning Site

Announcements will be posted to the site as well as to Google Classroom and Canvas. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. Your teacher will also be available for messages, and we will have an “Ask a Teacher” button on our site for questions your child may have when working independently.

While this is an unusual school year, we are excited about the opportunities to work together and to learn and grow in different ways. It’s a great year of learning!


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