Advanced Placement Exam Information

2019 AP Exams information will be available later in the school year. To see the 2019 College Board dates please refer to this AP Exam Schedule.

For AP Students planning to sit for 2019 AP Exams:

In late February, the AP exam fee will be posted to Infinite Campus for those who are enrolled in an AP course.  The fee will include the name of the AP course.  Students taking two or more AP courses should see a fee for each exam on their account.  Remember that this fee is only required for students who plan to take the exam.  We will void the fees for students who do not plan to take the exam so please only pay the fee if your student plans to take the exam.

2019 Costs, deposits and due dates will be posted later in the school year.  You will be required to make a nonrefundable payment for each AP exam you intend to take about 2 months prior to the exams. This nonrefundable deposit reserves an AP exam in your name and guarantees that an AP exam is ordered for you.  On a date yet to be determined, any AP fee that does not have at least the minimum deposit paid will be voided and an exam will not be ordered.  The entire AP exam fee must be paid in full by the day before the exam is taken.  To pay the fee online, sign into Ram Mall and you will find the fees listed under the heading “Infinite Campus Student Fees.”  To pay by cash or check see Mrs. Kelly in the front office.  You may choose the amount you want to pay up front, but you must pay at least the required deposit by the date to be specified.

At any point, a student or parent may ask for the fee to be voided if he or she does not plan to take the test.  The student may stop by Mrs. Powell’s office located in guidance or an email may be sent to

If a student has a conflict with the date and time of an AP exam there is an option to take it during the late testing period.  However, unless it’s an emergency, AP will charge an additional fee to take a late test.  You will need to notify Mrs. Powell if you need to take a late test because a separate exam needs to be ordered.

Students who receive free or reduced lunch will pay a reduced fee for the AP Exam.  If you have completed the waiver then the fee will be automatically reduced.  If it’s not then you have not completed the waiver which gives permission for this information to be shared.  Please complete the waiver online here.  Be sure to mark each box for which you want any one of your children to receive a reduced fee.

Accommodations: Students who want to request an accommodation on an AP Exam must meet with Valerie Powell to submit a request and documentation to College Board.  504 and IEP’s do not guarantee accommodations on AP Exams.  Food or drink is not allowed in the testing room so if a student has a medical need that would require food or drink, a request for accommodations must be made by mid-February.  The specific date will be shared by College Board later this year.

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Valerie Powell – AP Coordinator and HS Counselor.
515-967-6631 x2026