Band- 8th grade

Victoria Hillabolt

 Band- 7th grade

Lee Raine Randall

 Band – Jazz Band 8th

Tu/Th in Room 421 (Oct-Feb): TBD

Victoria Hillabolt

Jazz band students get to build on their prior experience and participate in the competitive component at the annual  SEP Jazz Festival. Students take pride in participation and are committed to practice and musical growth throughout the season.

Band – Jazz Band 7th

Wed in Room 422(Oct.-Feb.): 3pm—4pm

Lee Raine Randall

This is a great opportunity  to learn about this style of music, work on independent part playing and improvisation. Students take pride in participation and are committed to practice and musical growth throughout the season.

Show Choir – Rebel Rams 7th & 8th

Tues -Room 425 (Oct-Apr): 6:45-7:20a (6th-8th Girls)

Sponsor: TBD

An all girls choir for ladies who like to sing and dance. It is a non-traveling choir who will perform at least twice in the spring semester.


Show Choir – Sudden Impulse

(Audition Only)7th-8th Grade (Boys & Girls)

M/F -Room 425 (Sep.—April): 6:45-7:20a

Sponsor: TBD

Competitive Show Choir that competes at 4 competitions all around Iowa.  Auditions will be held in September with 5 Saturday rehearsals. We are looking for 50 talented students to make this a winning team.



Student Council

Meetings held in Ms. Rinehart’s room 338 before and after school (times TBD)

8th graders (Sept-May)  – 7th grade representatives from previous year

7th graders (Jan-May)  – applications will be made available in November

Amanda Mitchell –

Provides students the opportunity to serve in a leadership role, while participating in activities to improve the environment of the school. Responsibilities may include organizing school-wide events (i.e. food drive for a local food pantry, Pennies for Patients fundraiser), providing service to the community (i.e. sponsoring a game at the district-wide PBIS Kickoff event), and serving as a voice to the student body (i.e. organizing and leading the Jr. High Talent Showcase).  Representatives are selected based on their application and essay.  The selection committee consists of teachers, administrators, and counselors, instead of a school-wide election

Vocal Music – 7th grade


Vocal Music – 8th grade



Boys Cross Country 7TH & 8TH

Head Coach: Scott Wittler


Practices: Monday -Friday 3-4:30 PM

Boys Basketball -8TH GRADE 

Head Coach: Chad Redmon

January- February

Practices: Monday – Friday 2:45- 5:00 PM

Boys Track 7TH & 8TH 

Head Coach: Eric Hendrickson

March- May

Practices: Monday – Friday 3- 4:30 PM

Girls Cross Country 7TH & 8TH 

Head Coach: Jay Harvey;

August – October

Practices: Monday- Friday 2:45 – 4:30 PM

Girls Basketball – 8TH GRADE

Head Coach: Tia Stiles

October- December

Practices : Monday – Thursday 3- 5PM     Fridays  6AM- 7:10 AM

Girls Track   7TH & 8TH 

Head Coach: Scott Wittler  

March – May

Practices: Monday – Friday 2:45  – 4:30 PM

Boys Golf 7th & 8th 

Head Coach:TBD

September – October

Practices: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday  2:45 -5 PM

Boys & Girls Swimming 7TH & 8TH 

Head Coach: Dustin Cassler

February -March

Practices: Monday – Friday 3-5 PM

 Girls Golf  7th & 8th 

Head Coach: TBD

April – May

Practices: Monday – Thursday 3- 5PM

Football 8TH GRADE 

Head Coach: Chris Starostka

August – October

Practices: Monday – Friday 2:45- 5:30 PM

 Wrestling  7TH & 8TH 

Head Coach: Tom Koch

October – December

Practices: Monday – Thursday 3-5 PM    Friday  6 AM- 7AM

 Softball  8th grade

Head Coach: Joshua Cerveny               joshua.cerveny

May – June

Girls Volleyball 8th grade

Head Coach: Ashley Van Ryswyk

August – October

Practices: Monday – Friday 3- 5 PM

Junior Bridges


Builders Club 7th & 8th 

Thursdays 7-7:30a Room 124


Sponsor: TBD

Provides opportunities for students to work together in service to school and community. Develops leadership potential and fosters development of a strong moral character and encourages loyalty to school, community and nation. Affiliate of Kiwanis. FREE!

Weightlifting Club

Duane Miller,                                        

M/W/Th (Oct-May): 6:20-7:10a

7th-8th Grade (Boys/Girls) can participate in strength sessions that will focus on developing technique, building all around strength, and general mobility. Students will warm up and follow a workout program and chart their progress. The weight room will be open for student athletes who are serious about strength training and want to improve their overall fitness.