Welcome to Runnells Elementary


My name is Mike Nicodemus, I am the principal of Runnells Elementary, and I would like to welcome you to our school. My leadership style focuses on the students, and I strive to make the school environment enjoyable for all. My goal is to provide every Runnells student with the best possible education so they can have a successful future. I am here to work very closely with you, your child, and the Runnells community. I was raised in an environment that was focused on education, and I will always continue to keep education as my main focus.

Runnells Elementary has a total of 280 students currently in grades K-5. We have two sections for each grade level. Runnells has 35 staff members working at the school. Runnells Elementary shares multiple staff members with other schools in the district. Runnells Elementary offers Art, Music, PE, Media/Library, Gifted and Talented, Special Education, ELL, and 5th grade Band. We also use services provided by Heartland AEA.

Runnells Elementary is an outstanding elementary school your child will enjoy attending. I invite you, either in person or by phone, to communicate with us because effective communication is a key to your child’s success.

Mike Nicodemus